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Very diverse in all aspects of specialised property services.

Starting in 2002 having a varied range of skills believing not committing to one trade but being diverse in all. Have had the privilege to work on many elite and historic properties and buildings.

A father and sons team, we use all of our varied skills to take on almost anything with a can do attitude. We are a friendly and honest team that will go out of our way to help, taking the time to get things right priding ourselves with the highest quality. I think photos tell the story.

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Demo old foundations

Unbelievable property

Jackhammer tiles

Ceiling stripout

New retaining wall

Challenging subfloor

Subfloor construction

Acoustic panel install

Bed & breakfast

Slow process

Pre painting pergola

Creating naturestrip

Re painting

Spray tussock weed

Repairs old catchment

Install acoustic panels

Installing blueboard

Rustic dunny

Trees planted autumn